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Let Me In (SA)

Customer driven product innovation toward frictionless workforce management for the African context.

With 204 million stable jobs, Africa’s manufacturing sector is an awakening giant.

Engaging industrial workers in Africa is difficult & limited by cost & technology.

In Africa, 92% of workers have a smart enabled device in their pocket, and often a low to medium technical competence, limited by cost, connectivity, and exposure, with the majority of this large industrial workforce seldom using more advanced tooling.

No suitable engagement and workforce management solution exists that is adapted to the industrial worker in the African context.

CoronaFigher Evolves to Serve the Needs of Enterprises as LetMeIn.

The employee health monitoring system provides daily digital symptom-screening via a custom WhatsApp bot designed to identify individuals who may require Covid-19 testing. empowering institutions with the necessary data to control and mitigate the risk of infection as the number of employees in their facilities increase.

Through the access management system, employees can book visitors from their favourite chat app in the language they are comfortable with, including, English, Portuguese, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Sotho. Once the screening process is complete, QR codes (valid for 24hours) are generated to allow access to the building, remove the risk that comes with congestion at access points.

The access management app ensures all those who enter the building are symptom-free, wearing a mask and don’t have a temperature, real-time data logs allow companies to identify potential areas of risk within their organisations and dispatch a medical team quickly. Not to mention removing unnecessary paperwork, through our cloud based analytics dashboard, incident management and report tooling for business.

Employee App

An employee app, which is uniquely deployed as a chatbot across most popular chat applications (including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, etc. - full list on website) allows employees and visitors to screen themselves for COVID-19 symptoms remotely before they come into work. Those provisionally cleared for entry are sent a secure QR code valid for 24 hours. Those with symptoms are directed towards help including booking video calls with an assigned medical practice, and getting directions unto the latest NICD guidelines and company policies. Should the employee later be cleared by a COVID test, they can upload their clearance directly from the chatbot.

Access Management App

A stand-alone web app which allows clients to secure their building access points. This app scans employee and visitor QR codes issued by the bot to ensure they are cleared for entry, the access manager then inputs the user’s temperature and confirms they are wearing a mask before the app grants or denies entry.

Management Dashboard

The management dashboard is a standalone web-app that allows managers to assess the risk in their organisation at a glance. It also alerts Health Managers to incidents and has full case management functionality, including document management, quarantine timelines, medical history etc. Health managers can see symptom progression over time at both an individual and organisational level to properly respond to incidents.

“Simple to implement, cost effective, and effective to use. CoronaFighter provides us with the ability to screen employees for COVID-19 before they leave for the workplace.”

– John Drinkwater Managing Director - Cerebose

Low bandwidth, Low cost chat-based engagement, time & attendance, compliance & beyond.

Creating a fully engaged organisation with a sense of belonging and greater productivity with reduced costs, is possible using an integrated, real-time platform, designed from the ground up for the African context.

Smart Time & Attendance

Managing time & attendance, absenteeism, and scheduling, with geo location based check-in

Workforce Management

Workforce Management and communication for the entire complement of people including full-time and temporary employees, contractors and visitors alike.

Analytics, Reporting & Compliance

Managers, Health and Safety workers and Human Resource people have reliable and real-time data at their fingertips, forecasting and scheduling the diverse labour force.

Employee engagement

Speak with your employees in any locations or department on the device they use most through the tools they understand and use daily.

Contactless Access Management

Born in a time of COVID19, simple fast mobile-based access control, using QR codes, WhatsApp based pre-screening surveys, and a powerful access app

Enterprise Cloud Deployment

Ready for real enterprises, with privacy, and security baked in, this is exclusively designed for the modern enterprise environment, ready to scale at a moment’s notice.


The core application and API is built on Google cloud’s serverless infrastructure predominantly on firebase in a highly resilient, multi-tenant architecture. We use typescript, nextJS, and React developed using Test Driven Development (TDD), employing automated testing and deployment via continuous integration workflows. All configurations are securely and independently encrypted per tenant. Further, each tenant has an independent Neo4j graphQL database secured via SSL, role based authentication, role based data access, and encryption at rest.

The Results

“Enterprises come to us because we can easily deploy to thousands of users, to reach full compliance and adoption, in a single day. I believe that is why just 16 weeks since we started building the product, we are now servicing over 15,000 daily users across 8 countries,” includes Solomon.

– Devon Solomon CEO

Instant Roll-Out + 100% Employee Adoption

Employees onboarded by SMS/ e-mail or in-app message and screened via familiar chat-app daily before work. SMS/ AVM fallbacks + entry procedure ensure full employee adoption. Real-time exception reports available.

100% Regulatory Compliance & Auditable Digital Data Logs

Government directions are meticulously reviewed and translated into app features ensuring your company is always up-to-date with latest best practices and regulations. Full real-time data logs capture every associated event and risk.

End-to-End No-Touch + No-Contact Process

The entire employee pre-screening and access management system is designed end-to-end to have no physical touch-points or physical human interactions.

No Queues at Entrance & No wasted time

Frictionless access management ensures no queues at entrance, promoting social distancing, minimizing risk and regaining employee productivity time. Seamless capturing of time and attendance for all people engaging with the business.