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Discovery Channel (UK)

Improving the experience for millions of users on Discovery Inc's on-demand video streaming platform.

Discovery Channel reached out to us to help scale their engineering capacity across Android, iOS, Web, QA and DevOps, as they grew rapidly from millions to tens of millions of subscribers. View Case Study

Let Me In (SA)

Customer driven product innovation toward frictionless workforce management for the African context.

From humble beginnings to high growth enterprise software provider, tailored to manufacturing labour force engagement in the african context. View Case Study

Coronafighter (SA)

Rapid product innovation in the time of COVID 19, from open source to enterprise solution in mere weeks, not years.

A network of highly capable entrepreneurs and doctors came together to make a difference and respond to a global crisis, evolving rapidly to become the leading enterprise provider for COVID 19 screening-based access control. View Case Study

Shohoz (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh's super app needed its technology to scale with their success.

Shohoz started as a ticketing engine and soon added on ride-sharing, food and pharma delivery, movies and truck hire. Today Shohoz is regarded as Bangladesh’s Super App with over 5 Million app downloads, servicing 15 million Bangladeshis, and 65 million transactions a month. View Case Study

CrowdCaster (UK)

Revolutionary social broadcasting and podcast platform for everyone.

An innovative social audio platform with a purpose, starting with the vision of reinventing the radio experience, evolving toward connecting people around the world through accessible broadcasting on a social audio network. View Case Study