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Shohoz (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh's super app needed its technology to scale with their success.

The Shohoz Super App Was Struggling to Scale to Meet Demand

Shohoz started as a ticketing engine and soon added on ride-sharing, food and pharma delivery, movies and truck hire. Today Shohoz is regarded as Bangladesh’s Super App with over 5 Million app downloads, servicing 15 million Bangladeshis, and 65 million transactions a month.

Learn more about this impressive South East Asian Startup from the founders interview on the BBC below.

The Work

For the first part of this engagement, we travelled to Bangladesh, to understand the team, the business, their culture, their customers, and most enjoyably, their cuisine and hospitality.

We quickly got to work setting up a temporary command center in their HQ, where we spent many days and nights investigating, planning, re-planning, coaching and coding. Working alongside the CTO and engineering teams was essential to tackling the critical issues, and really understanding the day-to-day of the team.

The Results

Reducing Cloud Costs by 70%+

By implementing some fundamental shifts in their AWS usage and architecture, we were able to dramatically reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

Architecting for the modern cloud

As an ambitious fast growing startup, the next requirements are sometimes hard to predict. By architecting for hyper maintainability, leveraging the full scalability of the AWS platform, and reducing deployment pain through automated testing and CI/CD pipelines, Shohoz are well positioned to handle the uncertainty of hyperbolic growth.

Large Scale Data Migration

With more than 65 million transactions a month, real time tracking and communication with drivers and delivery partners, not to mention a host of 3rd party service providers Shohoz captures a lot of data. We architected and implemented scalable NoSQL data solutions, migrating high scale data with zero downtime, to a robust clustered infrastructure with failover and recovery.

People and Process

All the right tools mean very little without the right shifts in culture and process. As with every DevOps intervention, we started with understanding the landscape and engaged multiple teams and key players to land large concepts, as well as coach them through the first challenges in developing better engineering and DevOps practices.